Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Sconeday lands on the holiday this week, with special red-white-and-blue scones. I'm having a great holiday weekend-- the Peterson Garden Re-dedication yesterday was a fantastic party with kids and dogs (and chickens) in costume (you heard me). We had garden tours, singalongs, family, friends and great food.

I'm sitting here waiting for my good friend and her rabbit-scaring dog. They drop by periodically to convince my resident evil furface that my perennial bed is NOT a good place to set up housekeeping (or for forays into the bean patch, where said furface has decimated the crop).

Later today I'm marching in the Evanston Fourth of July Parade with our skating camp, and tomorrow Peterson Garden powwow with these fantastic scones:

Red-White-and-Blue scones

Recipe: Cooks Illustrated scones recipe (gonna make you sign up for the site)

After rolling out the scones in about a 12" square, lay blueberries on one-third, then raspberries or cut-up strawberries and the next third, finally, break up a frozen white chocolate bar or use white chocolate chips (mine was a Divine Chocolates white chocolate with strawberries from Ten Thousand Villages) and lay that on the final third.

Continue recipe as directed.

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