Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What spice?

I put out a call on Twitter for a spice or herb to use with raspberries. Here are all the suggestions:

From gardenfaerie- cinnamon
From annmjenson- jalapeno or curry
from xitomal- mint or anise
NoraChin likes they idea of mint as well
impstrump wants Raspberry-cannabis, which I think has definite possibilities. She also suggested Echinacea, which has the advantage of also preventing colds, I guess.
DaggerBytesBack wants cayenne
Icemom says cardamom and also white chocolate (which isn't technically a spice...) and also sent me the Cooks Illustrated recipe, which I used (see below).
OpenlyBalanced suggests ginger

Clearly, I have a lot of scones to make. I ended up making plain Raspberry scones with jalapeno jelly (from Trader Joe's, but here's a nice recipe).

And here I am going to depart from the recipes. I used Diane's suggestion and made the recipe from America's Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated, which is probably the best, if the most annoyingly complex, scone recipe I ever made (frozen, grated butter. Ever grate butter? Yeah, butter EVERYwhere.) But the scones are indescribable- flaky and sweet without being crumbly or cloying. (Okay, I guess not indescribable, since I just described them.)

Because America's Test Kitchen is probably my favorite show and I want to marry (and eat with) everyone on it, I'm putting here, in lieu of the recipe, the link to sign up for the site. Yes, recipes on the web that you have to pay for. But if you like to cook, you should susbcribe to this site anyway. (My kickback check will be in the mail, soon, yes?)


  1. Mmm. They look so good. I like the raspberry/jalapeno combination. Must try.

    That recipe is so v. good, but honestly: grated frozen butter? I give in, but grumble all the while. I freeze the grater, which I think reduces some cursing.

  2. They have a lot of spare time at America's Test Kitchen, obviously. And someone else doing the clean up.

  3. Exactly! You know, every time I watch Tyler Florence (Food Network)cook, I think, That man doesn't do dishes. His milk-boiled skin-on potatoes for mashed potatoes proves that. What a freaking mess!